Save 30% on art classes

While the summer heat and afternoon storms rage this August, many local residents are making a cool retreat into art studios. The Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs is running a late summer deal for those interested in taking art classes. Members of the Center for the Arts will receive 30% off of any class that begins August 23. A class that normally costs $135 for members will be $95 during this session.

New members who sign up before Sept. 30 will receive a free class to be taken before Dec. 31.

The August 23 session features 4- and 5-week classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced students.

Students may want to take a wild romp through water media with instructor Genie Kell in “Wet and Wild.” This class encourages students to surrender to the process and discover how a painting can paint itself.

Others may like a more structured class such as “Master Techniques” with Ted de Clercq. This oil-painting course teaches the methods used by Renaissance and Baroque artists in an easy step-by-step method of painting. Using a very limited palate, students achieve paintings with a translucent depth of light and a quality of color that heightens the illusion of reality.

Steve Kravec
Steve Kravec

Master ceramic artist Steve Kravec will instruct all levels of pottery students on the wheel. Kravec teaches both day and evening classes on “Mastering the Wheel” for those with an interest in pottery. Students learn the basics of wheel throwing techniques for making a variety of clay vessels.

 Classes are available Monday through Saturday at various times at the Center for the arts in a wide range of artistic mediums. A full list of courses is available online at