WHAT: Free Family Activity Days
WHEN: Saturdays through Nov. 27, 1 to 3 p.m.
WHERE: Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs, 26100 Old 41 Road, Bonita Springs
ADMISSION: FREE, must call to reserve a spot
INFORMATION: www.artcenterbonita.org or 495-8989

Children in Bonita Springs are exploring concepts of peace this fall. Violence often seems like something that happens in far away places, but violence and conflict occur in every community. Whether experienced through a school bully, or through movies and television, children are often exposed to violence.

The traveling exhibition Women Call for Peace: Global Vistas (currently on display at the Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs) brings together 13 acclaimed female artists who are raising their voices against violent aggression.

“The exhibition seeks a non-violent means to conflict resolution,” says Susan Bridges, President of the Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs. “It creates a conversation about peace.”

Each Saturday of the exhibition (through Nov. 27), children and their families can attend free Family Activity Days from 1 to 3 p.m. The events consist of art projects, foreign films, a discussion of the exhibition and interactive multi-media displays.

“Every person, no matter their age, can grasp the concept of peace,” says Jordan Smith, director of Youth Education at the Center for the Arts. “The art projects work in conjunction with the exhibition to allow each student to discover their idea of what peace is.”

Students and their parents will be able to participate in different projects each Saturday through Nov. 27. Projects include dove kites, peace bracelets, decorative pots containing peace lilies, peace pinwheels, collage and more.

Every Saturday students will be able to work on the Peace Tower, which will become a permanent sculpture on the Center for the Arts Campus. The tower will consist of hundreds of individual blocks that have been painted by students with their concept of peace.

Children and adults can add their thoughts on peace to the Women Call for Peace channel on You Tube by sitting down at the multi-media station at the exhibition and recording a video clip. Comments can be seen online at http://www.youtube.com/user/WomenCallforPeace.

All projects are free, with pre-registration required by calling 495-8989. Information is available at http://www.artcenterbonita.org.

Family Activity Day Projects

Ongoing (each Saturday)
Paint a Block Peace Tower – to become a permanent sculpture installation on campus

Children will paint hundreds of individual blocks that will become a part of the Peace Tower, a permanent sculpture installation on the Center for the Arts Campus.

Kinetic Sculpture – temporary sculptural installation in our courtyard.

 Weekly Projects
Oct. 9 Stabile Mobile – students use unique connecting colored straws and then add their kinetic hanging pieces after they create their structure. This will look like the kinetic sculpture installation on campus.  Visitors will take their mini version home with them.  They’ll also create something to attach to the outdoor installation.
Oct. 16 & Oct. 23 Peace Lily in decorated pot – youth decorate pots and take lily home to give to a friend as a symbol of peace and friendship
Oct. 30 Peace Pinwheels – youth make two – one for kinetic sculptural installation and another to take home.
Nov. 6  Dove Kites – youth make kites and fly in the courtyard. – They can also make a small dove to add to the kinetic sculptural installation
Nov. 13 Peace bracelets – using various colors of cord visitors make a peace bracelet using a braiding disc. This is Kumihimo, and ancient Japanese braiding art. Kumihimo means “coming together.”
Nov. 20 Collage – using photos, magazine images, drawings, markers, etc of anything the person feels is ‘peaceful’ like landscapes, seascapes, even photos of themselves they might want to bring.  The image is that of a large heart that’s attached to a solid color background.  Before being attached visitors trace the shape of a dove in flight.  They then attach the dove at another location (above) on the solid background.  It appears that the dove has flown out of the heart. 
Nov. 27 Peace Pinwheels – youth make two – one for kinetic sculptural installation and another to take home.


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