Painting Class at the Center for the Arts in Bonita Springs
Painting Class at the Center for the Arts in Bonita

WHAT:  Art Classes for Adults

WHEN: Adult Classes Begin the Week of July 5 –August 13, 2011

WHERE: The Center for the Arts ofBonitaSprings

FEE: Varies by Class

INFORMATION: 495-8989 or

What have you checked off of your “bucket list?”    You know, the list of the top ten things you want to accomplish in your lifetime, but have been too busy supporting and raising a family to actually make happen?  The concept was made popular by the movie of the same name, where two men in a cancer ward find out their illness is terminal, so they come up with a “bucket list” and set out on an adventure to experience as many of the items on their list as possible.  For some the list includes writing a novel, for others it is skydiving, but surprisingly the most common unrealized dream is to learn to paint.

Realizing your dream in the company of other like-minded dreamers is just a short drive away at the Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs.  Start with the basics and take a “Drawing & Painting” class open to all levels of experience.  You can just drop in to this informal evening class which can help you with your drawing and painting projects.  Bring in a project you have started or begin a new one.   Do your dreams take on more pastel shades?  Then try out CFABS’s “Painting Pastels” class which runs on Tuesdays from 9:00 am –Noon, and journey through the vibrant world of art with pastels.  Learn about the proper use of pastels, the different types of paper and how the use of shadows and highlights create movement and excitement in your painting.

If your dream includes wearing a welder’s helmet and making sparks fly, then CFABS has the class to make your dreams come true.  Starting Tuesday, July 5, 2011 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm the Center offers “Introduction to Metal.”  This course combines lectures, demonstrations and hands-on experience. Learn the basic techniques of cutting, forming, joining and finishing metal, and yes you do get to wear the helmet and use the torch.

If having your name up in lights on a Broadway billboard would check an item off your list, CFABS has a place for you to get started on the road to stardom with “Improv Workshop I.”  Actor, director and all around funny man, Craig Price teaches you the techniques he learned atSecondCityinChicagoand from the famous Del Close who trained comedians like Tina Fey, Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner.

If you are looking for less “improv” and more acting then consider the Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs, “Readers Theater.”  In just two-hours a week for six weeks you’ll learn how to prepare a role for a staged reading, and then perform it on stage with others who are taking a first plunge into acting.   This class guarantees no memorization and no risks, just lots of fun.

If you have been waiting for the right time to fulfill your dreams and check at least one item off your “bucket list,” that time is July.  Your dream just got more affordable because for those who join the Center for the Arts for the first time between May 1 and September 30, 2011 will receive a free 4-, 5-, or 6-week class to be used by December 31, 2011.  The Center for the Arts offers this promotion for first time members.  Call the Center for the Arts at 239-495-8989 for more information.

A full list of Center for the Arts classes is available online at or by calling 495-8989.


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