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Are you and your family or friends ready for an adventure? At 1:30pm on Sunday February 17, the Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs’ second annual Amazing Race will have you laughing and breathless as you and your team race across Bonita Springs seeking the items on your scavenger hunt list. Participants of this scavenger hunt and road rally will compete in cars with teams of four passengers.  This year the Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs is expecting more than 200 participants who will contend for prizes by solving riddles, finding items, taking photos, and having an overall great time!


 “Get ready for fun, entertainment, teamwork and just lots of laughs as you and your team race through our fair city, solving the clues, searching for your special items,” Says Susan Bridges, president of Center for the Arts Bonita. “Last year we had over 100 people participate, that’s 25 teams of four people per car.   Everyone had a great time, came back with hilarious stories of what they did and what happened to them along the way.” 


The Amazing Race begins and ends at the Center for the Arts campus. An awards ceremony, hors d’oeuvres and cocktails culminate the Amazing Race competition. Proceeds from this fun day directly benefit the at-risk youth programs at the Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs.

“This is a fun event for a car full of friends,” says Larry Hinman a director on the Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs board. Hinman participated in the first annual Amazing Race held in February 2012.  Last year’s overall winner was the Wallace family of Bonita Springs whose team included their young daughter.  The Wallace family team was successful at finding scavenger hunt items that included the tiki hut at the Flamingo Flea Market on Bonita Beach Road.

Susan Bridges advises this year’s Amazing Race participants that while some scavenger hunt items are easy to find, some are designed to be challenging.  “We often recommend each team choose who does what,” says Bridges.  “For example, one person is the driver, another person your photographer, one team member is your navigator, and your fourth is the person who pops out of the car to retrieve your items, gets his or her photograph taken in front of a special clue location to document the team’s visit.  After checking in some people sit down and plan everything out and others just dash out the door, solving as they travel.  A total slice of life!”

The Amazing Race will end with a cocktail party with refreshments provided by The Fresh Market, awarding all the prizes to the participants.

Tickets for the “Amazing Race” are $25 per person and $100 for a team of four. Limited tickets are available by calling the Center for the Arts Bonita Springs at 239-495-8989.   Learn more at  The “Amazing Race” is sponsored by Bonita Lakes by Toll Brothers, The Fresh Market and Haines A/C & Refrigeration, Royal Scoop Homemade Ice Cream.

Those who join the Center for the Arts for the first time receive two tickets to one of this season’s Live at the Promenade events. The Center for the Arts offers this benefit for first time members only. 

If You Go:
Who:    Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs
What:   Amazing Race
When:  February 17, 2013, 1:30pm—5:00pm
Where: Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs
Cost:    $25 per person / $100 for four person car



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