CFABS New Center for Performing Arts Opens January 2014…What are You Most Looking Forward to?

We can’t help but be excited about CFABS new 29,000 square foot Performing Arts Center opening in January 2014. With a 400 seat theater, 200 seat film center, culinary center, studios for dance, theater, music classes and more!

So we are asking people in Bonita Springs what they are most looking forward to at the new Center. Here is what they have to say…

“The dedicated film center! We are also looking forward to the opportunity for a permanent venue where we can go see local talent and enjoy an evening with great wine, food and friends.

Tom and Paula Falciglia


FAB Fall Classes at the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs


New Mosaics, Sculpture and Printmaking Classes with Artist/Instructor Kel Campbell

By Patrice Shields

Kel_Campbell_Sculpture_DeckSeptember is “back to school month,” and the perfect time to try a new class at the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs.  The Center has added several new instructors and with them new classes that include printmaking and mosaics.

“We are very excited by the infusion of fresh energy that our new instructors bring to the center,” says Jake Hand, Education Director at the Center for the Arts Bonita Springs.  Three new instructors, all graduates of FCGU will be teaching classes that include “Introduction to Metal” and “Exploring Mosaics.”  “Kel Campbell will be putting the printing press that was recently donated to the center to good use by offering a number of printmaking classes in the fall.”

Kel Campbell is an award winning, multi-disciplinary artist that considers her style in the multimedia sculptural genre, without a commitment to any particular style.  Campbell recently graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), with a BA in Fine Arts, views the world around her as her toolbox.  “I enjoy collecting and repurposing materials that show their history and then combine them with newly formed pieces to achieve a sense of balance,” says Campbell.

Loula_Kel_Campbell_SMALLFor as long as Campbell can remember, she has loved the arts.  “There were a few times in my life when I tried to break-up with my creative side,” says Campbell “but they were short lived due to my undeniable deep passion to create. For me, one of the hardest parts about being an artist is my interest in so many different materials.”

Campbell’s passion for creating has given her experience with multiple mediums that translate into new classes at the Center for the Arts.  For students interested in mosaics, Campbell will be offering a five-week “Exploring Mosaics” class, Mondays from 1:00-4:00p.m., beginning October 7.  Students can expect a great introduction to the world of mosaic art with a focus on the basic techniques of design, cutting and laying tile and cementing and grouting the final work.  For students interested in mosaics who don’t know where to start, a three-hour “Mosaic Introduction,” mini class will be offered on Friday, November 8.

Students interested in printmaking will enjoy “The Art of Collagraph,” a mini class offered Friday and Saturday, October 4 and 5.  The collagraph is a printmaking technique based in collage.  Students will start with an idea and a blank plate, then collage diverse materials to create a surface with various thicknesses and textures.  During the second class, students will work on basic inking and printing techniques that result in prints that often surprise and delight.     Kel Campbell Mosaic Frame with Mirror Blue SMALL

In January, students interested in delving deeper into printmaking can take “The Monotype- A Printmaking Intensive.”  Often referred to as the painterly print, monotype combines the immediacy, spontaneity and expressive mark made possible in painting with the luminosity of printmaking inks. Each student will explore their own images with an emphasis on experimentation and creativity; bring your ideas and create beautiful one of a kind prints.

In January Campbell will be teaching sculpture at the Center with classes that include “Expressions in Stone,” and “Independent Study in Stone.”  Students will learn the “how-to” of stone sculpting from choosing the perfect stone to getting a feel for and working with its texture to make their very own masterpiece in stone.  Advanced stone sculptors can take “Expressions in Stone (Pneumatics)” and be guided through the intricacies of sculpting with power tools.

“From welding to pastels and everything in between I wish I didn’t have to sleep so I can just keep exploring ideas,” says Campbell.  “The positive side of it is, the words ‘I’m bored’, have never left my lips because there is always something to do or visualize.”

Metal Sculpture_Kel_Campbell_SMALLWith the assortment of new classes offed this fall at the Centers for the Arts the words bored will not be part of your vocabulary either.  Taking that printmaking, sculpting or mosaic class is even more affordable now.  Those who join the Centers for the Arts for the first time before September 30, 2013 will receive a free 4-, 5-, or 6-week class to be used by December 31, 2013.  The Centers for the Arts offers this promotion for first time members.  Call the Centers for the Arts at 239-495-8989 for more information or visit

Campbell’s work can be seen in the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs’ September exhibition, “Recording the Landscape.”  This exhibition explores art that documents changing landscapes and art that actually changes topography to draw our attention back to the planet on which we live.  The exhibition is on display through September 20, 2013.

Who: Centers for the Arts of Bonita Springs
What: Recording the Landscape Exhibition
When: On display September 6 – 20, 2013
Where: Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs, 26100 Old 41 Road, Bonita Springs, FL
Cost: Free