Here’s your chance to create a beautiful Mosaic artwork in one night! After enjoying a light dinner and wine, choose from beautiful images provided or create your own. The fun begins as you select gorgeous glass pieces and learn the ancient Mosaic technique that will bring your image to life! A great experience of fun and creativity for friends and family to share, and you go home with your own Mosaic masterpiece!

Cost: $65 includes all materials, wine, food & guidance
No experience needed!

Instructors: Mila and Stevan Stanisic

Mila has been a stained glass and mosaics artist for almost three decades. She was a glass painter at the VitrauxArt Studio in Serbia (Eastern Europe) and has participated in the creation of many public and private art projects worldwide.

Fifth generation Master Artisan Stevan’s stained glass and mosaic work enliven and adorn public and private buildings across the globe. With over 100 years of family experience creating glass masterworks behind him, Stevan remains just as passionate as his great grandparents about the art.

Through classes in stained glass and mosaics he and his wife Mila hope to pass their treasure trove of knowledge and skill on to willing students.

“One Night Events” are a great way to get friends, family and co-workers involved in a memorable evening of food, art and fellowship.   These events generally span a three hour period in the evening, during which time you will learn a bit about the techniques featured in that evening’s event, have a light dinner, and a glass of wine, all while you make a unique piece of art.  All of the necessary materials are always included in the one night events, all you need to bring is your sense of adventure!



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