Center for Visual Arts provides opportunities to explore mediums from oil, acrylic and watercolor painting to collage, clay, sculpture, glass and pottery and printmaking. And, if you wish to observe art, rather than create it, our yearlong schedule of national and regional exhibitions will entertain as well as educate.



Kirk IMAGE 2 Silk PaintingRKI051617-1 Beginning Watercolor $147 mem / $197 non-mem Tuesday 5/16/17 to 6/13/17 9am-Noon Beg

Center for Visual Arts     26100 Old 41 Road      Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Beginning Watercolor My beginning class creates a foundation for a new watercolor artist to experience the joys of watercolors by introducing the fundamentals of watercolor. The first session goes over all the materials required, what to buy and how to take care of your materials. The books will be available at the beginning of the class for $25.

Instructor: Rosemarie Kirk

Rosemarie has been an artist all her life. She is a traditional artist working in watercolor and acrylic. While pursuing a degree in fine art, she found national acceptance of her paintings and sold her work professionally. Two painters instrumental in influencing her work are N.C. Wyeth and Georgia O’Keeffe, profoundly moved by their use of color and design to create the illusion of realism.



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