Develop a Passion for Pastels – Free up your current style of pastel painting during the Passion For Pastels Classes. Gain valuable knowledge and understanding of complex issues while enjoying the process.

SHO110117 Wed 11/01/17 to 11/22/17    1-4pm All w/exp  $120 mem / $170 non-mem
SHO112917 Wed 11/29/17 to 12/20/17    1-4pm All w/exp  $120 mem / $170 non-mem
SHO011018 Wed 01/10/18 to 02/07/18    1-4pm All w/exp  $150 mem / $200 non-mem
SHO022118 Wed 02/21/18 to 03/21/18    1-4pm All w/exp  $150 mem / $200 non-mem
SHO040418 Wed 04/04/18 to 05/02/18    1-4pm All w/exp  $150 mem / $200 non-mem

Colored Pencil Painting, A Fine Art – Learn the basic techniques of handling the colored pencil medium. Students will become familiar with experimentation, layering and application of this medium.

SHO103117 Tue 10/31/17 to 11/21/17     1-4pm    All    $120 mem / $170 non-mem
SHO112817 Tue 11/28/17 to 12/19/17     1-4pm    All    $120 mem / $170 non-mem
SHO010918 Tue 01/09/18 to 02/06/18     1-4pm    All    $150 mem / $200 non-mem
SHO022018 Tue 02/20/18 to 03/20/18     1-4pm    All    $150 mem / $200 non-mem
SHO040318 Tue 04/03/18 to 05/01/18     1-4pm    All    $150 mem / $200 non-mem

Center for Performing Arts       10150 Bonita Beach Road         Bonita Springs, Fl


Instructor: Ruthe Sholler

Ruthe’s passion for Art and creativity propelled her into a lifetime of learning and teaching. Her need to constantly create served to define who she is, as an Artist and teacher. She adheres to the idea that, “in order to learn, you teach”! After a number of years in printmaking, her attention turned to oils, watercolors, colored pencils and lastly, soft pastels. All of which she has taught during her 25 years as a Public School Art Educator and privately. Sholler achieved her Masters in Education from Lesley University.








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