Artist’s Choice – Oil, Acrylic or Pastel – Work from your personal references, photos, imagination and memories – and explore composition, color, perspective, lighting and brush strokes. Choose your favorite medium – oil, acrylic, pastel or mixed – and the subject that gets your creativity flowing – from seascapes to cityscapes, florals, still lifes, wildlife, landscapes, portraits or even wild west subjects – it’s your choice! Join a social group of talented fellow artists and be mentored to bring out the very best of your natural abilities. Have fun and become the next award-winning artist to come from this studio!


Bill received formal art education from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the Ivy School of Professional Art. His art is exhibited and seen in publications as diverse as “Décor Magazine” and “The Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory”. Bill’s work has been sold nationally and internationally.


One thought on “PAINTING with Bill Kreutz

  1. What a great find. Simply lovely. As A designer, when I come across a new designer or a new & wonderful antique,shopae..lI love to pass it on. You do an excellent job of keeping us all "in the know!"

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