Creative Clay – Sculpture/Heads/Figures/3D Objects – all clay modeling in 3D is learning the use of tools and techniques in water based clay. This is a study of a creative style in figures, portrait heads, and a variety of subjects. Free expression will make this an exciting journey – with Doug Corsini.

Clay Sculpture – (Life Sized Torso w/Model) – in this full day 5 week class you will sculpt a life sized torso in water based clay and fire to a bisque sculpture. Working with a live model for 15 hours you will learn the use of armatures and develop your use of space and form and better understand their effects while creating this sculpture – with Doug Corsini.

Stone Carving / Creative Expression – Join us and explore the techniques and tools of creative carving in alabaster and soapstone.Learning styles and techniques of 3 dimensional form. Optional use of pneumatic tools for carving stone – with Doug Corsini, Terrie Mertens and Giuseppe Smith.

Advanced Sculpture Limited enrollment – Classic poses – supplied photos. Students will create classic figures with plaster-lene clay over wire armature and rubber mould cast. Experience this new exciting class!

Stone Carving Class

Clay Sculpture Class


Doug studied at The Art Institute of Boston, and then attended The Boston Museum School of Fine Art with a focus on sculpture and design. His post-graduate work was done at the Vatican School of the Arts in Florence, Italy. For several decades Doug worked out of his studio in Rhode Island as a commission sculptor.

Terrie taught high school for 33 years and served as Director of Student Activities as well as Art Department head and coordinator of the Advanced Placement Program. She studied stone carving with a master stone sculptor at the Sharon Gainsberg Studios. An accomplished artist, she has exhibited work in watercolor, clay and stone, and is currently pursuing her passion for stone carving and teaching.

Guiseppe‘s work has been exhibited in galleries and private collections from Miami to Manhattan. After sculpture apprentice with Retha Walden Gambaro, a famed Native American sculptress he received Apprenticeship Master at the Johnson Atelier Sculpting Institute in Hamilton, NJ.


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