Extreme Functional Pottery – Hand builders and wheel throwers unite to design and create fun and inventive table wear. From serving dishes, to berry bowls to chip in dips, pitchers and flower vases. We will combine hand built and wheel thrown pieces, cut pots apart and reassemble them, add funky feet, handles, lugs and lids.

Personal Pathways in Clay – Pursue and explore your own ideas with instructional guidance to achieve your individual goals in wheel throwing, hand building, altering or combine different techniques to create something that is uniquely you.
Beginning Wheel This class will open you up to the wonders of the potter’s wheel. The basics of wedging, centering, throwing and glazing will be taught. Repeated demos and individual attention will be focused.

Sandy received a BA from the California College of Arts, Oakland in furniture design and construction. Her serious study in ceramics began in 2007 when she attended ceramic classes here at Centers for the Arts, then continued as a post-degree student at Florida Gulf Coast University in the ceramics department.


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