Intro to Lampworking with Robert Dworkin

Intro to Lampworking – Learn the basics of creating glass objects with a stationary propane/oxygen torch and create unique glasswork. Techniques for applying color and methods of decoration will be demonstrated, with plenty of individual guidance. No experience necessary. *Studio fee includes all tools, propane, and oxygen as well as a basic supply of glass. Students may purchase additional glass online.

DWO110217 Thur 11/02/17 to12/07/17 (no 11/23) 6-9pm All
$150 mem / $200 non-mem+$85 Studio Fee

DWO011118 Thur 01/11/18 to 02/08/18 6-9pm All
$150 mem / $200 non-mem+$85 Studio Fee

DWO022218 Thur 02/22/18 to 03/22/18 6-9pm All
$150 mem / $200 non-mem+$85 Studio Fee

DWO040518 Thur 04/05/18 to 05/03/18 6-9pm All
$150 mem / $200 non-mem+$85 Studio Fee

Rob took his first glassblowing class in 1997 and found his passion. Among other training, he studied at The Studio-Corning Museum of Glass and Haystack Craft School. Rob alternates between creating larger scale glasswork out of a furnace and much smaller work with a torch.

Abstract and Beyond with Brenda Belfield

Abstract and Beyond – This class is for intermediate and advanced painters. Explore ideas and new techniques of abstract and non-objective work leading to a personal statement/style. Demonstrations and study of contemporary artists with a full day of painting! For experienced painters in acrylic and mixed media.

BEL110317 Fri 11/03/17 to 11/24/17 9am to 3:30pm
Int/Adv $256 mem / $306 non-mem

BEL120117 Fri 12/01/17 to 12/22/17 9am to 3:30pm
Int/Adv $256 mem / $306 non-mem

BEL011218 Fri 01/12/18 to 02/09/18 9am to 3:30pm
Int/Adv $320 mem / $370 non-mem

BEL022318 Fri 02/23/18 to 03/23/18 9am to 3:30pm
Int/Adv $320 mem / $370 non-mem

BEL040618 Fri 04/06/18 to 05/04/18 9am to 3:30pm
Int/Adv $320 mem / $370 non-mem

Brenda Belfield is an abstract painter whose use of color led to a long career in glass. Nationally awarded as a designer of architectural stained glass, her major commissions include 60 windows for the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. Teaching has long been a passion for Brenda who graduated from The George Washington University in Washington D.C. with a BA in Art Education with undergraduate and graduate studies at the Corcoran Art School. Her teaching experience includes Art League of Alexandria, VA (Torpedo Factory) and National Art Education Association. Belfield’s abstract paintings have been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

CLAY with Doug Corsini

Creative Clay – Sculpture/Heads/Figures/3D Objects – all clay modeling in 3D is learning the use of tools and techniques in water based clay. This is a study of a creative style in figures, portrait heads, and a variety of subjects. Free expression will make this an exciting journey – with Doug Corsini.

COR110217 Thu 11/02/17 to 11/16/17 9am-Noon All $90 mem / $140 non-mem +$50 Supply
COR113017 Thu 11/30/17 to 12/21/17 9am-Noon All $120 mem / $200 non-mem +$50 Supply

Clay Sculpture – (Life Sized Torso w/Model) – in this full day 5 week class you will sculpt a life sized torso in water based clay and fire to a bisque sculpture. Working with a live model for 15 hours you will learn the use of armatures and develop your use of space and form and better understand their effects while creating this sculpture – with Doug Corsini.

COR040518 Thu 04/05/18 to 05/03/18 9am-4pm All $300 mem / $350 non-mem+$100 supply +$45 model fee

Figurative Study w/Model
COR011118-1 Thu 01/11/18 to 02/08/18 9am-Noon All $150 mem / $200 non-mem + $45 model fee
COR022218-1 Thu 02/22/18 to 03/22/18 9am-Noon All $150 mem / $200 non-mem + $45 model fee

Advanced Sculpture – Limited enrollment – Classic poses – supplied photos. Students will create classic figures with plaster-lene clay over wire armature and rubber mold cast. Experience this new exciting class!

COR112717 Mon 11/27/17 to 12/18/17 1-4pm Adv $185 mem / $235 non-mem +$50 supply
COR010818 Mon 01/08/18 to 02/05/18 1-4pm Adv $231 mem / $281 non-mem +$50 supply
COR021918 Mon 02/19/18 to 03/19/18 1-4pm Adv $231 mem / $281 non-mem +$50 supply
COR040218 Mon 04/02/18 to 04/30/18 1-4pm Adv $231 mem / $281 non-mem +$50 supply

Bronze Sculpture/Wax Carving
COR011118-2 Bronze Sculpture/Wax Carving-Part 1 $390 mem / $440 non-mem +Casting fee Thu 01/11/18 to 02/08/18 1-4pm All
COR022218-2 Bronze Bronze Sculpture/Wax Carving-Part 2 (fees paid previous session) Thu 02/22/18 to 03/22/18 1-4pm All

Clay Sculpture Class

Doug studied at The Art Institute of Boston, and then attended The Boston Museum School of Fine Art with a focus on sculpture and design. His post-graduate work was done at the Vatican School of the Arts in Florence, Italy. For several decades Doug worked out of his studio in Rhode Island as a commission sculptor.





Go Paperless –  Save Trees


PAINTING with Richard Kirk

IMG_5047.jpgFundamentals Oil and Acrylic Painting

Figure Drawing

Intermediate Painting

Advanced Painting

Portraits from Photos – Learn to create beautiful portrait paintings from your personal photographs as you study facial features, proportions and color.

Class follows Richard’s book, Painting a Portrait, available in the Center for the Arts Turtle Gift Shop. New students or those who haven’t painted in years, please consider taking Oil/Acrylic Painting Fundamentals to learn or review basic skills.

KIR102617-1 Thur 10/26/17 to 11/16/17 9am-Noon All $120 mem / $170 non-mem
KIR113017-1 Thur 11/30/17 to 12/21/17 9am-Noon All $120 mem / $170 non-mem
KIR011118-1 Thur 01/11/18 to 02/08/18 9am-Noon All $150 mem / $200 non-mem
KIR022218-1 Thur 02/22/18 to 03/22/18 9am-Noon All $150 mem / $200 non-mem
KIR040518-1 Thur 04/05/18 to 05/03/18 9am-Noon All $150 mem / $200 non-mem

Fundamentals Oil and Acrylic Painting – There is a fundamental body of knowledge that all painters (beginning and advanced) should possess. This body of knowledge not only contains information on the techniques of drawing and painting; also information on the use, care, and safety of working with the tools of an artist. Designed to give both new and experienced painters the information they need to create beautiful paintings, focusing on creating the illusion of depth and volume using value and discussing color, the color wheel and complementary colors.

KIR102617-2 Thur 10/26/17 to 11/16/17 1pm-4pm Beg/Int $120 mem / $170 non-mem
KIR113017-2 Thur 11/30/17 to 12/21/17 1pm-4pm Beg/Int $120 mem / $170 non-mem
KIR011118-2 Thur 01/11/18 to 02/08/18 1pm-4pm Beg/Int $150 mem / $200 non-mem
KIR022218-2 Thur 02/22/18 to 03/22/18 1pm-4pm Beg/Int $150 mem / $200 non-mem
KIR040518-2 Thur 04/05/18 to 05/03/18 1pm-4pm Beg/Int $150 mem / $200 non-mem

Intermediate Painting – (Oil/Acrylic) – Students will be guided through several small paintings – each painting will focus on a different genre: still life, landscape, portraiture, etc. The objective of this class is to provide students, familiar with my painting techniques, an opportunity to practice the lessons from my Fundamentals of Painting classes. We will discuss painting materials, styles and techniques. In addition, we will discuss photography and getting good images to paint.

KIR110317-2 Fri 11/03/17 to 11/24/17 1pm-4pm Int $120 mem / $170 non-mem
KIR120117-2 Fri 12/01/17 to 12/22/17 1pm-4pm Int $120 mem / $170 non-mem
KIR011218-2 Fri 01/12/18 to 02/09/18 1pm-4pm Int $150 mem / $200 non-mem
KIR022318-2 Fri 02/23/18 to 03/23/18 1pm-4pm Int $150 mem / $200 non-mem
KIR040618-2 Fri 04/06/18 to 05/04/18 1pm-4pm Int $150 mem / $200 non-mem

Advanced Painting (Oil/Acrylic) – Take your painting to the next level. Each class begins with a brief review of a specific topic (color, materials, composition, value, etc.); then students work on their individual paintings. The goal of this class varies with each student’s individual objectives. If you seek to improve basic skills, experiment with new techniques, or build a cohesive body of work—this class will address your particular needs.

KIR110117 Wed 11/01/17 to 11/22/17 9am-Noon Int/Adv $120 mem / $170 non-mem
KIR110417 Sat 11/04/17 to 11/25/17 9am-Noon Adv $120 mem / $170 non-mem
KIR112917 Wed 11/29/17 to 12/20/17 9am-Noon Int/Adv $120 mem / $170 non-mem
KIR120217 Sat 12/02/17 to 12/23/17 9am-Noon Adv $120 mem / $170 non-mem
KIR011018 Wed 01/10/18 to 02/07/18 9am-Noon Int/Adv $150 mem / $200 non-mem
KIR011318 Sat 01/13/18 to 02/10/18 9am-Noon Adv $150 mem / $200 non-mem
KIR022118 Wed 02/21/18 to 03/21/18 9am-Noon Int/Adv $150 mem / $200 non-mem
KIR022418 Sat 02/24/18 to 03/24/18 9am-Noon Adv $150 mem / $200 non-mem
KIR040418 Wed 04/04/18 to 05/02/18 9am-Noon Int/Adv $150 mem / $200 non-mem
KIR040718 Sat 04/07/18 to 05/05/18 9am-Noon Adv $150 mem / $200 non-mem


Richard studied illustration at Palomar College in San Marcos, CA and established his illustration business in Boston, MA. His fundamental belief about painting, shapes his work and his teaching: “Creating a painting does not make one an artist. Artists create something extraordinary from their experience, knowledge and ability. Until a painter has discovered and is able to pull instantly from these three primary conditions, he or she is a student. Still, taking pride in being a student moves you closer to creating art.”


BEGINNING MOSAICS – with Mila Apperlo

Intro to Mosaics Join us for a wonderful and fun introduction to the art of Mosaics. Learn how to create your own ceramic tile mosaics, and be inspired by new projects each week.

Mila has been a stained glass and mosaics artist for almost three decades. She was a glass painter at the VitrauxArt Studio and has participated in the creation of many public and private art projects worldwide.