Audition Notice: Stage It! 10-Minute Play Competition

On February 18 & 19, 2017 CFABS will be staging performances of 12 of the winning plays from our first ever, Stage It! 10-Minute Play Competition and… WE NEED ACTORS! Robert De Niro once said, “One of the things about acting is it allows you to live other people’s lives without having to pay the price.”

We would like to invite you to take a chance at “living another person’s life without paying the price” by coming to audition for a role (or roles) in these fantastic short plays. Open auditions for the Stage it! 10 Minute Play Competition are being held at our Center for Performing Arts at 10150 Bonita Beach Rd. on Sunday, January 8, 2017 starting at 4:00pm. (Rehearsal schedules will depend upon the role, and cast member availability).  Performances will be held February 18 and 19 at the Center for Performing Arts.

We are looking to fill 36 roles, (18 men, 17 women and 1 child). The characters range in age from 10 – 70.  The audition is open, and all types are welcome.

The twelve outstanding plays being staged were each carefully selected by a jury consisting of 26 judges from across the nation. A brief description of the plays and the roles being cast is below:audition-notice

Counting On Love

by Rod McFadden

A discussion after a first date.

A smart romantic comedy.

VINCENT, 29 years old, magazine writer

SOPHIA, 27 years old NYU post-grad.


The Dating Game

by Rod McFadden

One single, one married, talking about

the current dating scene. Situational


MARGE, about 65 – 75

NETTIE, similar age as MARGE

Everyone’s Child

by Delvyn Case, Jr.

Kos, Greece, an island near where

refugees land. Dramatic.

PETER, young Greek male, age 14

KILIKINA, Greek woman,

mother of PETER

The Last Holdout

by Judd Lear Silverman

A menu change at a local senior center

finds the last holdout in final

negotiations with the only staff member

who can get the job done.

IVAN, a senior at the senior center

DOROTHY, at least 20 years Ivan’s junior,


Life Jacket

by Delvyn Case, Jr.

On a beach near Bodrum, Turkey and a

beach on the Greek Island of Kos, two

refugees cross dangerous waters.

GALIA, a Syrian woman refugee, age 20

AYLAN, a Syrian male refugee, age 20

AHMAD, a Turkish seller of life jackets to

refugees, age 28

The Nude

by William Newkirk

The opening of a new show at an art

gallery. Artist and her new model

meet accidental patron and the

snotty art critique.

CLAIRE, in her 50’s-ish

LISA, in her 50’s-ish

BRIAN, in his 50’s-ish

JEFFREY, in his 50’s-ish

Ode On A Donut Shop

by Ethan Warren

An existential, absurdist comedy

in a donut shop at 1:24 AM.

JUDD – in his 20s, a sweet and

somewhat vacant boy

SEAN – in his 20s, a sweet and

somewhat vacant boy

DWAYNE – in his 50s, friendly and

paternal but with a temper

MAN IN THE JACKET – in his 30s,

ominous and powerful

An Ordinary Woman

by Sean Patrick Nill

Ordinary Suzy Ponelle confesses a

series of vengeful crimes to the police.

SUZY PONELLE, female, late 20’s

to early 30’s

DETECTIVE MORROW, adult female, 30-40





The Professor And The Flea

by Denise Hinson

An odd farce based on a fable.

Presentational characters in an oddball,

artistic comedy.


CAPTAIN, 30-70s

GOVERNOR, 40s to 60s


PRINCESS, teens to 20s

The Promise

by Mary Lescoe-Long

A woman confronts her own demon,

literally. An emotional drama.

WOMAN, any age, preferably

late 40’s or early 50’s

BANSHEE, same age as WOMAN

Toil and Trouble

by Trevor Suthers

A retelling of Macbeth. A literal and

intellectual comedy, but still broad.

MAMMY, the grandmother witch

GRANNY, the mother witch

FANNY, the youngest of the witches

MACMETH, drug kingpin on some

crappy streets

Violating Uncle Piggy

by Judd Lear Silverman

Parental betrayal traded for loose change

must be explained in this interrogation

—Uncle Piggy was found violated.

MOMMY, 30ish

DADDY, 30s




WHO: The Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs

WHAT:  Stage IT! 10-minute play competition

WHEN:  Auditions: 4:00pm, Sunday, January 8, 2017

Performances: Evening of February 18th & 19th, 2017

WHERE: The Center for Performing Arts Bonita Springs, 10150 Bonita Beach Road, Bonita Springs 34135

PRICE:  No fee to audition.


Some Holiday Ideas

Raku pieces during the firing process at a Raku and You! One-Night Event.

By Mickey Lacroix

Prior to working for the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs, I always struggled during the holiday season to come up with fun and meaningful gifts to share with my loved ones. Last year, I ended up being able to give a number of my family members tickets to see the folk musician Jonathan Edwards, who performed at the Center for Performing Arts last spring.  My sisters and I had not seen him in concert prior to that event, though we had grown up listening to his songs.  My mom and stepdad, who also attended, had seen him perform, but not for many years.  Altogether, it ended up being a wonderful evening that we each look back upon fondly.

There are probably a good many people on your holiday “shopping” list who would also be more touched by a great experience than a cleverly selected item. As such, there are many interesting services, classes and performances held at the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs that might make a great holiday gift, especially as a group gift to an event or class that you can attend together.

One night events and mini workshops often make great group gifts, because they take place in a relaxed environment and allow people to make a work of art over the span of just a few hours. These events are especially fun if you get a group of people together to attend, as there is something magically intimate about sharing in the creative process. Then, at the end of the session, you each get to bring home the art you made, which will serve as a continuing reminder of the shared experience.

CFABS also offers a full series of top-notch performances, varying from improvisational theater, to concerts in a variety of musical genres, foreign films, one man theater productions, and traditional theater. If you might be interested in giving a gift of this nature to someone you know, but are not sure of their schedule, the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs has gift certificates available at any denomination.

One of the other interesting gift possibilities is a ticket to the annual OFF THE WALLS! fundraiser. Everyone is a winner in this amazing ‘lottery’ event and each person selected gets to choose from any number of artworks and collectibles donated for the event.   A fabulous buffet, soft drinks, beer and wine are all included in the $150 ticket price.  Each prize item is valued at a minimum of $275.  Proceeds from this fundraiser are used to give scholarships for youth programming at CFABS.  This year’s off the walls will be on Friday, January 20, 2017 and doors will open at 6:00pm.

Information about any of the programs available through the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs is available online at, or by phone at 239-495-8989. You are also cordially invited to drop in to either center, where you may pick up literature, buy tickets, sign up for classes, view the exhibitions in the galleries, and get more information in general.  The Center for Visual Arts is located at 26100 Old 41 Rd. and the Center for Performing Arts is located at 10150 Bonita Beach Rd.  Please consider coming out to see or contacting us to give someone you love the opportunity to enrich their lives through the arts.

Be SuperHero, Volunteer!

There is no secret that today’s super heroes are seen on TV as characters with super strength, laser vision, that can fly and even leap tall buildings with a single bound, but we never see a super hero with the best super power… The power of Volunteering!!!

Yes, volunteering is in fact a super power and here at the Centesr for the Arts we have a league of super heroes using their super powers every day.

They use it to help our staff with daily tasks that have to be done in a flash, they help with stage and lighting production with amazing strength and precision. They help our instructors with super hearing and anticipating all the little summer camper’s wants and needs.

Yes, being a volunteer for the Centers for the Arts is a SUPER and POWerful way to dedicate your time. Volunteering promotes positive leadership skills for our teen volunteers, offering everyone the opportunity to learn amazing new skills, and get the chance to make a difference in our community and in doing so, inspire others to also volunteer.


So, if you want to be seen as a community super hero, consider volunteering at the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs.

For more information on becoming a volunteer and other CFABS community events, please visit

Who: Local Community
What: Volunteering
Where: Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs
Visual Arts Center – 26100 Old 41 Rd.
Performing Arts Center – 10150 Bonita Beach Rd. SE
When: All Year Around


NOW THAT’S ITALIAN MAMA COOKS IT UP – THE HILARIOUS ITALIAN MUSICAL Saturday, April 9, 7:30pm at the Center for Performing Arts Bonita Springs

Mama Cook it up promo pic

By Patrice Shields

Join The Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs for a big Italian style performance with the comedic musical hit “Mama Cooks It Up,” Saturday, April 9, 7:30pm at the Center for Performing Arts Bonita Springs (CPABS.) The CPABS’ Hinman Auditorium will transport you to “Mama’s Restaurant” where you will watch the entertaining chaotic dynamics of an Italian family restaurant as a virtual “tableside” audience.

This fun show delivers loads of laughs and packs the two-hour performance with audience interaction and toe tapping numbers! As a virtual guest at Mama’s restaurant you will laugh out loud and sing along to cherished Neapolitan favorite songs including Volare, That’s Amore, Mambo Italiano, Pepino The Italian Mouse and many more. You can almost smell Gnocchi as you fall in love with “Mama” and the family that works along side her. So tuck your white napkin in your shirt collar, then sit back and enjoy this heart-warming show will have you laughing for days.

Tickets for “Mama Cooks It Up,” are $45 for Premium Seats, $40 for Center Seats and $35 for Side Seats. Tickets for “Mama Cooks It Up” can be purchased on-line at or by calling the Center for the Arts at 239-495-8989.

Those who join the Centers for the Arts for the first before time as an individual member receive two VIP tickets to a select Live at the Center performance including “Mama Cooks It Up.” The Centers for the Arts offers this benefit for first time members for select performances. This offer is valid through May 31, 2016.

The Centers for the Arts offers a full performance series including “Tuesday Art Talks,” April 5, 7:00pm, “Helios Swingtet Big Band Orchestra,” April 15, 8:00pm, “Patchouli & Terra Guitar: The Landscape of Guitar,” April 22, 8:00pm and “Films for Film Lovers” foreign and independent film series on Monday evenings. Tickets for all of the events listed can be purchased at or by calling the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs at 239-495-8989.


WHO: The Centers for the Arts of Bonita Springs
WHAT: Mama Cooks It Up – An Italian Musical

WHERE: Center for Performing Arts Bonita Springs, 10150 Bonita Beach Road, Bonita Springs, FL 34135
WHEN: Saturday, April 9, 2016; 7:30pm
COST: Tickets: $45 Premium Seats, $40 Center Seats, $35 Side Seats

WHO KILLED THE RABBI? CFABS Deliciously Hilarious Murder Mystery Dinner/Brunch Theater Friday, October 16, 2015; 6:30pm (Dinner) & Sunday, October 18, 2015; 11:30am (Brunch)

By Patrice ShieldsWho-Killed-the-Rabbi-Horizontal-with-No-Title

You are cordially invited to a traditional Jewish wedding at the Center for Performing Arts Bonita Springs that is anything but typical. It’s the rabbi’s first wedding, the groom’s mother is distraught, the maid of honor is drunk and the bride is clueless. Or, maybe it is typical… until the Rabbi is killed. “Who Killed the Rabbi?” is a laugh riot that almost becomes a real riot and you are invited to eat, dance, and celebrate as an invited guest.
Audience members help sort through the clues and unravel the mystery behind this comedy wedding murder mystery. Be the first table to solve the mystery and win the grand prize. There are two performances offering a dinner show option and a brunch matinee. The dinner show is Friday, October 16, 2015; 6:30pm and the brunch show is Sunday, October 18, 2015; 11:30am.

Who Killed the Rabbi Cantor and Mother of BrideThe very funny Margot Escott and Leigh Shein, who both teach and perform improv wrote and star in this show. “You will recognize all of your dysfunctional relatives,” says Writer/Director/Actress Margot Escott. “Just imagine, it’s a wedding you can laugh at and you don’t have to bring a gift.” Escott and Shein’s cast include members of CFABS’ notorious Improv Anonymous troupe, CFABS’ Community Players and some fresh faces to the comedy scene.

The widowed mother of the bride “Sadie Berkowitz” played by Margot Escott is not happy and she has reason. Not only is her beloved orthodox daughter “Sarah Berkowitz” played by Jodie Fox Costello marrying the ‘half Jewish’ “Steve Miller” played by Steve Cobb, but she is saddled with the clueless “Rabbi Leo,” played by Leigh Shein who is stumbling through officiating his first wedding. You will agree that Sadie should have paid the “MC” played by Craig Price better because he is just not making enough on this gig to care that this wedding fiasco is spiraling out of control.

And the wedding party does nothing to help things at all. One “Maid of Honor” played by Marina Acosta MillerWho Killed the Rabbi Rabbi Groom & Best Man is clueless and very drunk and the other played by CC Bronson loves gospel music more than Hebrew songs. The groom’s buff, wrester brother and best man “Chad Miller” played by Chad Schmous is distracted with his ‘I could have been a contender’ complex and then there is Sadie’s sister “Aunt Marian,” played by Marian Horgan who is busy supervising her pianist granddaughter played by Miranda Shein. Coincidentally, “Aunt Lisa” on the groom’s side, played by Lisa Guzda is both a singer and volunteer sheriff.

Oy vey! As the title suggests, a murder occurs during the show and you as an audience member are there to help sort through the clues and unravel the mystery behind this deliciously wacky murder mystery. If your table is the first to solve the mystery, you win the grand prize.

Who Killed the Rabbi Bride and Groom PizzaBesides the laughs, and lots of dancing, the redeeming aspect of this wedding is the food catered by Artichoke & Company. The buffet dinner includes Cesar Salad with Roasted Tomatoes & Kalamata Olives, Grilled Chicken Medallions with Wild Mushroom and Marsala Wine Sauce, Penne Pasta with Creamy Pomodoro Sauce, Tri Color Cheese Tortellini in Creamy Basil Alfredo Sauce, Farfalle with Roasted Garlic Wine Sauce Prosciutto Di Parma Fresh Spinach and Pecorino, New York Cheese Cake with Raspberry Sauce and Coffee. Beer and wine are available before and during the performance.

The buffet brunch show menu includes Fresh Scrambled Eggs with Sides of Diced Tomato and Cheddar Cheese, Fresh Bacon & Breakfast Sausage, Assorted Muffins and Crumb Cakes, French Toast Casserole with Granny Smith Apples and Cinnamon, Bagels, Tropical Fruit Salad, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Vanilla Glazed Strawberry Roll and Coffee.

You’ll be glad you came to this wedding reception of a lifetime and glad this is not your family! Tickets are $50 for members of the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs, $55 for non-members and $55 for all at the door if available. Doors open 30 minutes before the performance time. Tickets include dinner/brunch and the show. To select seats and purchase tickets visit or call 239-495-8989.

Those who join the Centers for the Arts for the first time as an individual member receive two VIP tickets to select Live at the Center performances. The Centers for the Arts offers this benefit for first time members and it is for a limited time only.

The Centers for the Arts offers a full performance and film series including “Deb & the Dynamics,” Saturday, October 17, 8pm, “Tab Benoit,” Wednesday, October 21, 8pm, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” October 30, 8:30pm (Center for Visual Arts Outdoor Stage, 26100 Old 41 Road, Bonita Springs) and the “Films for Film Lovers” foreign and independent film series on Monday evenings. Tickets for most events listed are available at or by calling 239-495-8989.

IF YOU GO:Who Killed the Rabbi Hora Dance
WHO: The Centers for the Arts of Bonita Springs
WHAT: Who Killed the Rabbi? Murder Mystery Dinner/Brunch Theater
WHEN: Friday, October 16, 2015; 6:30pm (Dinner) &
Sunday, October 18, 2015; 11:30am (Brunch)
WHERE: The Center for Performing Arts Bonita Springs, 10150 Bonita Beach Road, Bonita Springs, FL 34135
PRICE: $50 Members, $55 Non-Members, $55 Door for all if available (Ticket price includes dinner/brunch and show)