Damon Fowler | Coming the the Centers October 6th

Performing Live | Saturday, October 6 at 8pm

Since he was a teenager, Florida native Damon Fowler has been building up a head of steam to become one of the hottest talents in blues rock.  With his hybrid style of roots rock, blues, and sacred steel, Fowler takes his listeners on an unwavering tour of American roots music and the genre’s long standing traditions.  Damon Fowler is back with his third solo project for Blind Pig Records, Sounds of Home.  His laid-back vocal delivery and the white-hot intensity of his guitar virtuosity creates a tension that has never been keener, and the stories told in his songwriting exhibit a level of depth few of his contemporaries can match.

Alongside his solo career, Damon joined forces with fellow guitarist JP Soars and keyboardist Victor Wainwright in 2011 to form the southern roots rock group, Southern Hospitality.  This will be Fowler’s second appearance at CFABS, as he performed here once previously as a member of Butch Trucks and the Freight Train.

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Albert Castiglia – September 22, 2018

After nearly 30 years of house-rocking studio albums and smack-in-the-mouth live shows, Albert Castiglia is the master of scorching raw, sweat-and-hair blues that gives it to you straight. Castiglia’s most recent album, “Up All Night” is a gritty masterpiece that makes it easy to throw around comparisons to the likes of George Thorogood and Keith Richards. His music is a passionate onslaught of screaming solos, catchy rhythms and guitar strings bent to their breaking point.

“It’s a revelation to discover the thrilling retro-electric blues from this astonishing young guitarist. ”

 – USA Today

Castiglia writes a good deal of the music that appears in his sets, and while all of it has a bluesy flavor, Castiglia tackles a variety of source material and musical sounds. Some of his work serves up fairly traditional blues fare, while other tracks appeal to listeners to address the social problems which plague modern society. Other pieces have an island feel, and many of his songs feature dynamic and interesting rhythms and progressions which keep the listener engaged. It doesn’t take long to figure out that, while much of his music is wrapped up in a bonfire of flaming lead guitar solos, a good deal of thought and effort is put into each cut, ensuring that his audiences leave the table quite satisfied.
Castiglia made his professional debut in 1990 with Miami Blues Authority, but truly hit the international radar when Junior Wells invited him into his band for several world tours. ‘It was an incredible adventure,’ recalls Castiglia. ‘Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a Chicago bluesman. Junior opened the door for me to do that.’

Come see Castiglia in Concert Saturday, September 22, at the Center for Performing Arts in Bonita Springs, 10150 Bonita Beach Rd. Call 239-495-8989 or Click Here for tickets and information.

Saturday, September 22, 2018; 8:00pm
Center for Performing Arts – Hinman Auditorium
Tickets: $30 Premium Seats | $25 Center Seats | $20 Side Seats
(10% off for current CFABS Members)


Selwyn Birchwood


Selwyn Birchwood

Coming to Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs

On August 31, 2018 (more information)

When it comes to describing blues musicians, terms like “hard hitting” and “powerhouse” are often thrown around, and guitarists in particular are described as being “ferocious axe men” or “uncompromising flame throwers.” Each of these descriptions could easily be applied to Selwyn Birchwood, as his prowess on the guitar and the lap steel – and the emotions he can pull forth with these instruments really are extraordinary. At the same time, it would be a disservice to Mr. Birchwood to dangle such one-sided descriptions of his work out there to potential audiences.

Selwyn Birchwood is no one-trick pony. His songwriting and lyrics are a breath of fresh air in a genre that is often stuck in the same old rut. (Them’s the blues, after all). Each of the 13 tracks on his latest release, “Pick Your Poison” were written and produced by Selwyn Birchwood and they demonstrate that he is both a gifted lyricist and an exceptional producer. Birchwood’s songs have that hard to achieve quality in which everything is done the right way, at the right time and to the right extent. There is a balance and an interplay between the various aspects of his songs which even seasoned veterans seldom achieve in their recordings. Each track comes out like a well-prepared seven course meal at a five star restaurant, where there’s just the right amount of each flavor presented to make the whole experience deliciously interesting.

If there were one aspect of his music that truly “pulls no punches” it would be his lyrics, which range from the humorously personal “My Whiskey Loves my Ex” to the cautionary warnings within “Police State” and “Even the Saved Need Saving.” Selwyn covers a gamut of issues with his songs, and does so in a manner that is smart, relevant and ultimately – refreshing. It doesn’t hurt that he can sing, either.
Tickets to his show at The Center for Performing Arts of Bonita Springs are still available. Do not pass up this opportunity to see him in such an intimate venue, as this man’s star is rising, and such opportunities may not be around much longer.

Tickets are $30 Premium Seats – $25 Center Seats – $20 Side Seats

(10% off for current CFABS Members)

Call 239-495-8989 for tickets and information or to purchase online click here.

CALLIGRAPHY with Jean Beaver


Calligraphy is a learned art form.  Anyone can learn with instruction and practice. Students will become familiar with use of a broad-edged pen nib and will learn two beautiful alphabets.  Instructor will show examples of calligraphy usage.

JBE01118 Thu 01/11/18 to 02/08/18 9-11am All $100 mem / $150 non-mem + $25 instr. supply fee
JBE022218 Thu 02/22/18 to 03/22/18 9-11am All $100 mem / $150 non-mem + $25 instr. supply fee
JBE040518 Thu 04/05/18 to 05/03/18 9-11am All $100 mem / $150 non-mem + $25 instr. supply fee

Instructor Bio
For over thirty five years Jean attended many workshops taught by famous calligraphers and studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She taught at two art centers in the Cleveland area and at the Center for the Arts Bonita Springs and at Bentley Village. She has had a free-lance calligraphy business for many years.

Intro to Lampworking with Robert Dworkin

Intro to Lampworking – Learn the basics of creating glass objects with a stationary propane/oxygen torch and create unique glasswork. Techniques for applying color and methods of decoration will be demonstrated, with plenty of individual guidance. No experience necessary. *Studio fee includes all tools, propane, and oxygen as well as a basic supply of glass. Students may purchase additional glass online.

DWO110217 Thur 11/02/17 to12/07/17 (no 11/23) 6-9pm All
$150 mem / $200 non-mem+$85 Studio Fee

DWO011118 Thur 01/11/18 to 02/08/18 6-9pm All
$150 mem / $200 non-mem+$85 Studio Fee

DWO022218 Thur 02/22/18 to 03/22/18 6-9pm All
$150 mem / $200 non-mem+$85 Studio Fee

DWO040518 Thur 04/05/18 to 05/03/18 6-9pm All
$150 mem / $200 non-mem+$85 Studio Fee

Rob took his first glassblowing class in 1997 and found his passion. Among other training, he studied at The Studio-Corning Museum of Glass and Haystack Craft School. Rob alternates between creating larger scale glasswork out of a furnace and much smaller work with a torch.

Abstract and Beyond with Brenda Belfield

Abstract and Beyond – This class is for intermediate and advanced painters. Explore ideas and new techniques of abstract and non-objective work leading to a personal statement/style. Demonstrations and study of contemporary artists with a full day of painting! For experienced painters in acrylic and mixed media.

BEL110317 Fri 11/03/17 to 11/24/17 9am to 3:30pm
Int/Adv $256 mem / $306 non-mem

BEL120117 Fri 12/01/17 to 12/22/17 9am to 3:30pm
Int/Adv $256 mem / $306 non-mem

BEL011218 Fri 01/12/18 to 02/09/18 9am to 3:30pm
Int/Adv $320 mem / $370 non-mem

BEL022318 Fri 02/23/18 to 03/23/18 9am to 3:30pm
Int/Adv $320 mem / $370 non-mem

BEL040618 Fri 04/06/18 to 05/04/18 9am to 3:30pm
Int/Adv $320 mem / $370 non-mem

Brenda Belfield is an abstract painter whose use of color led to a long career in glass. Nationally awarded as a designer of architectural stained glass, her major commissions include 60 windows for the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. Teaching has long been a passion for Brenda who graduated from The George Washington University in Washington D.C. with a BA in Art Education with undergraduate and graduate studies at the Corcoran Art School. Her teaching experience includes Art League of Alexandria, VA (Torpedo Factory) and National Art Education Association. Belfield’s abstract paintings have been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

Paper Sculpture – with Pam Foss

At Waters EdgeThermal Drawing & Paper Sculpture – learn how to create a sunk-relief sculpture on Styrofoam insulation board which will then be used as a mold to cast your image as a bas-relief in paper. A thermal tool is used to draw your image on the Styrofoam, and then archival pulp made from cotton is pressed into the mold and allowed to dry. When dried the paper sculpture is lifted out of the mold and either painted or left a natural white.

Class Schedules

FOS092217 Thermal Drawing & Paper Sculpture $150 mem / $200 non-mem +$20 Supply Fee Fri 9/22/17 to 10/20/17 9am-Noon All CVA

FOS110317 Thermal Drawing & Paper Sculpture $120 mem / $170 non-mem +$20 Supply Fee Fri 11/3/17 to 11/24/17 9am-Noon All CVA

FOS120117 Thermal Drawing & Paper Sculpture $120 mem / $170 non-mem +$20 Supply Fee Fri 12/1/17 to 12/22/17 9am-Noon All CVA

FOS011218 Thermal Drawing & Paper Sculpture $150 mem / $200 non-mem +$20 Supply Fee Fri 1/12/18 to 2/9/18 9am-Noon All CVA

FOS022318 Thermal Drawing & Paper Sculpture $150 mem / $200 non-mem +$20 Supply Fee Fri 2/23/18 to 3/23/18 9am-Noon All CVA

FOS040618 Thermal Drawing & Paper Sculpture $150 mem / $200 non-mem +$20 Supply Fee Fri 4/6/18 to 5/4/18 9am-Noon All CVA

Pam has been creating visual art for more than 30 years, driven in large measure, by the joy of discovering new methods and materials to express her artistic vision. It is this drive that led her to create a revolutionary new body of work derived entirely from common insulation foam board (Styrofoam.